Near the start of Daves outdoor career, he worked on the legendary ‘Nightwatch’ scheme at Glenmore Lodge. This has helped countless instructors and guides kick off their careers, and has helped to nurture some talented winter climbers over the years. A more recent member of the Nightwatch, Nicola Welch, has organised a fantastic fundraiser for Dave, in the true tradition of type 2 fun: cycling the length of the UK!

If you would like to get involved in taking part or supporting any of the legs, or to sponsor the event, please contact Nicola: [email protected]

More info can be found on the events own FB page here

We’ve organised a Nightwatch relay, starting in Lands End and finishing in John O Groats over the whole month of May.

Each day in May an ex-nightwatch from Glenmore Lodge, will be passing a set of “lodge keys” from one destination to another. The legs vary, some will be completed on a bike, by foot or by boat, all to gain sponsorship.

There are approx 40 people involved and it is most definitely a team effort!

We were also featured in the Strath newspaper last month...they’re keen to help promote the relay once we start.

We have raised aprox £1500 so far, and are hoping to raise more once we start on the ground.

Nicola Welch

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