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The latest update on Daves progress, from a friend’s visit earlier this week.

I saw Dave last week and, like other people on here recently, was amazed by how much he's come on in the six months since I saw him. He has much more dexterity in his right hand, more control and mobility in his head and ability to look around him. When his screen stopped working he traced out letters on his leg to explain how to get it working again. Dave has gained a little jaw movement which is a small step towards talking again. His carers joked that he'd have a Yorkshire accent by the time he left STEPs. Dave is working hard as always and spent an hour on his bike when I was there. He says his left leg is stronger than his right but his right leg has more control. He was looking forward to his core/shoulder control and stability session that evening with the night nurse. The staff seemed surprised by how hard he's working. I wasn't surprised at all; I don't think any of us expect less. It was really nice seeing him and meeting his friendly carers.

Mehmet and Gemma

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