In mid-April, Ian Parnell ran the Sheffield half marathon – a gruelling hilly course climbing from Sheffield centre to the edge of the Peak National park and back – an old score put to rest, thanks to some inspiration from Dave.

On Sunday I ran the Sheffield Half Marathon to raise money for the Inspired by Dave campaign to raise funds for Dave Hollinger's rehab following a brain stem stroke which left him with locked in syndrome (something he is amazingy steadily unlocking!).
The name of the fund struck me on my first visit to see Dave at his rehab centre - that week I had a running race coming up at the weekend but I had a cold and was thinking of not bothering. After seeing Dave's bravery, resolution and positivity to fight to regain the small things we all take for granted in everyday life - it was obvious of course I had to run that weekend whether I ran well or not - I should just embrace the joy that I could run.
The same came when deciding to do the Sheffield Half - it's a race I've wanted to do because it's my local event but I've avoided because it's so ridiculously hilly, not the sort of place to chase pbs etc. But with the opportunity to wear the Inspired by Dave green shirt I decided to go for it.
The support out there was fantastic with thousands cheering on, thank you to everyone who gave me a personal shout out - it helped massively. In fact almost unbelievably to me I got a pb 1.29.21 and even ran the last 10k faster than I've ever run 10k before. Even better for the first time in any race there are a couple of race photos in which I don't look like I am walking or having a heart attack.
Thank you to the many of you who have donated so far. Dave's fund raising page stays open so if you'd like to donate or do your own fund raising effort see

Ian Parnell

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